New information updated 29.5.

E-reources remain in service, and additional resources are made available.

Request, reserve and borrow

Request in advance or get it from an open shelf?

Åbo Akademi University Library comprises four service units. Depending on to which service unit the item you want to borrow belongs, you need to either request it in advance in Alma or simply get it from an open shelf and borrow it through self-service. Items that belong to Donner Library are also included in Alma and need to be requested in advance.

Please note the delivery times for items you need to request in advance.

Library card

You need a library card in order to borrow, request and reserve items. Degree students at Åbo Akademi University are automatically registered as library patrons – pick up your card at any service unit and connect it to your Alma account. Exchange students, students at Novia and others need to apply for a library card.

Service unites/libraries with open shelves may have a small amount of items in closed stacks and which you therefore have to request at the library. Speak to library staff if you don’t find the item you’re looking for.
Service unit/library Request or get it from an open shelf?
Arken library Get it from an open shelf
Asa library Get it from an open shelf
Axelia library Request in advance/get it from an open shelf
Book Tower Request in advance
Archival collections Request in advance (use "Contact us")
Donner Library Request in advance

Request and reserve

Please note that this information is outdated at some points.

1. The search result shows where the item is located and the number of available items. Click the item title to view more details and to make a request or reservation.

2. Click on “Login for hold and call information” to request an item that is held in closed stacks or to reserve an item that is unavailable at the moment.

3. Students and staff at ÅAU log in using their ÅAU user account (remember to connect your library card to your account). Others log in using their library card number and password.

4. Click the arrow next to the item and thereafter on “Place a Storage Retrieval Request”. The same procedure applies when you request a print journal. If you want to reserve an item that is unavailable, click “Place a Hold Request” above (not “Request this copy”).

5. If you are requesting an item in advance, simply go ahead by clicking “Place Request”. Specify volume(s), date or issue(s), year(s) when you are requesting a journal or other serial publications.

6. When you reserve an item (place a hold request) you need to choose which service unit collection you want to queue. You will receive an e-mail when a copy is available for pick-up.

Delivery times

* The Bioscience Collections are on the 2nd and 3rd floor in Biocity. Students and staff in Biocity can borrow items from this collection by filling out a loan receipt found next to the collections. Return your loans to a box near the infodesk/reception on ground floor.
Collection Pick-up at Request by Available
BioCity* Book Tower Day before Tuesday noon (12:00)
Book Tower Book Tower Noon (12:00) Same day (Mon-Fri) 3 p.m.
Remote stacks Kankas Book Tower Day before Tuesday and Thursday 3 p.m.
Kemi, teknik and related collections Axelia library Day before Monday and Wednesday noon (12:00)
Matematik Book Tower Day before Tuesday 3 p.m.
Rättsvetenskap Book Tower Day before Tuesday and Thursday 4 p.m.
Theological collections Book Tower Day before Tuesday and Thursday 3 p.m.

Request a book to your campus office

Researchers and staff at Åbo Akademi University can request items from the Book Tower and the Donner Library to be delivered to their campus offices. The service excludes any items only intended for in-house use at the library.

1. Go to My profile and add or edit your campus address. Tag your campus address with “work” and remove the same tag from all other addresses. This must be done once after 7 Jan 2020.

Check also that you belong the group “ÅA (personal/forskare)”. If this is not the case, please contact the library.

2. Make your request in Alma and choose “Campus office”. Items are checked out prior to dispatch via internal post.

Request archival material

Request (more information about) items belonging to the Archival Collections by clicking on "Contact us" under "Material provided by".