Information about the Archive of the Sibelius Museum


The archive of the Sibelius Museum stems from professor Otto Andersson’s (1879-1969) private archival collections. Nowadays the archive owns collections concerning individuals, orchestras, choirs, different musical organisations etc. The archive also owns several special collections, e.g. the collected material on Jean Sibelius, the Otto Andersson archival collection and the archive of the Musical Society of Turku. The primary types of materials are different kinds of manuscripts, printed sheet music, photographs, sound recordings and collected press clippings.

Some parts of the archival collection (e.g. the photo collection) are registered in Alma. An important part of the collections is so far only registered in the archive’s card catalogues.

A more specific list of the collections of the archive of the Sibelius Museum can be found here.

Customer service

Alma contains only a part of Sibelius Museum's archive material at the moment. There is plenty of material in the archive that is not yet found digitally. Please contact us if you don't find what you are searching for. You can also contact the archive if you want to order copies of the material or, for example, want to achieve rights to use some of the pictures from our collection in a publication.

The archives of the Sibelius Museum are located in the Sibelius Museum, Piispankatu 17, Turku. The customer service of the archives is open from Tuesday to Thursday 9-15. Please inform us forehand if you're planning to visit the archives.

E-mail: sibmusarkiv(at)
Telephone: 02 215 4340

You’ll find more information of the archives of the Sibelius Museum at our home page.